Welcome to discover our innovations during the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona, from the 28th of June until the 1st of July.

5G multi slices on single device

Managing quality of service and security on the 5G SA network.
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The next evolution of 5G known as SA, for StandAlone, will be based on a new mobile network core that takes advantage of new technologies such as the Telco Cloud, apps that are distributed as close as possible to customers (Edge Computing) and greater automation. Orange will be able to divide its network resources (radio frequencies, infrastructure, transport, applications) into several network slices to offer new services adapted to the various needs of customers, services and applications.

This demo will be based on a smartphone connected to a 5G network to show both consumer and business uses. It will demonstrate the coexistence of a default internet slice and a dedicated company slice corresponding to an e-health service. The latter is used to transport the data collected by sensors (cardio, blood pressure, temperature, etc.) between the customer’s mobile and their doctor during a teleconsultation. Slicing isolates e-health data from generic web traffic and therefore guarantees end-to-end confidentiality with an optimal quality of service. The simultaneous implementation of two slices from a smartphone is a first in Europe and was developed in partnership with Qualcomm, Oppo, Casa Systems and HPE.

The second demo will be based on a slice supporting a remote-controlled robot. If the network is congested, it automatically detects the degradation in the end-to-end quality of service and creates a new slice to recover the performance level required by the robot.

Crowd-Detectable Zero-Energy-Devices

Communicate without additional energy, wave and network deployment.
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This connected device is a game-changer in terms of the sustainability of IoT in the future. It benefits from several unique characteristics.

Firstly, it is self-powered using ambient energy such as light energy from artificial lighting or the sun.

Secondly, to communicate, it recycles existing signals, or those already used for communications between smartphones and the network. These signals are transported in the form of waves.

Finally, it can be detected by the ambient network. Indeed, when the device is near a smartphone connected to the mobile network, the smartphone detects it in the same way as it detects the network and can serve as its “communication gateway”. Likewise, the network also detects the device, just as it detects the smartphone, and can therefore also act as its “communication gateway”.

Ultimately, this new type of device can connect without an energy source, using zero additional waves or infrastructure. For simplicity, we'll call it “000Device”.

This demo presents its benefits for the logistics sector. A transport company can attach a “000Device” on an ordinary package for the latter to broadcast an identifier. The “000Device” is then used to track the package: each time it comes across a smartphone connected to the network, the package is automatically detected, located and time-stamped by the network, which is highly useful for the transport company.

We will show various prototypes of our “000Devices” including solar tags which can reuse TV / 4G / 5G network frequencies, and even some that can be reprogrammed by a smartphone via NFC.


Neva leaf / Nola fun
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Neva leaf

The first Orange smartphone in an eco-design approach.

For Orange, responding to social and environmental challenges is integral to us ensuring sustainable performance. Neva leaf is one illustration of our commitment, within the framework of our Engage 2025 strategic plan, for 100% of Orange branded products to be eco-designed by 2025.

Our eco-design approach looks at the whole device lifecycle to minimize obsolescence, broken screens that are hard to replace, expensive spare parts and more.

Neva leaf benefits from a more robust and modular design that allows customers to replace the battery and screen themselves. It is also designed to last longer through its ability to receive security software updates. What’s more, it is made from 20% recycled plastic to minimize its ecological footprint.

This product supports all the usual smartphone uses while meeting the expectations of consumers looking for eco-responsible, accessible and sustainable products.

This demo at the MWC shows how fast and easy it is to assemble and disassemble the new Neva leaf smartphone.

Nola fun

The new Orange 4G smartphone that is accelerating digital inclusion in Africa and the Middle East.

Nola fun enables Orange to reaffirm its ambition to be the leading operator in Africa and the Middle East by making digital technology accessible to as many people as possible.

Nola fun comprises:

  • An exclusive Android device that promotes digital adoption in the region.
  • A smartphone that meets consumer demand through a large screen, integrated Orange applications universe (Orange & Moi, Orange Money), and 4G mobile broadband.
  • New financing solutions to buy Nola fun on credit and pay it off over an agreed period through Orange Money.
  • Integrated blocking solution developed by Transsion, which allows financial partners (yet available with Baobab+) to automatically lock/unlock smartphones according to the status of the owner’s account.

From June 2021, Nola fun will be sold with a mobile offer (calls, SMS, internet) in most Orange countries in Africa and Middle East, starting with Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Morocco.

This demo at the MWC will illustrate the smartphone lock/unlock experience as described above.

AI to empower network operations

Network event logs mining and problems root cause identification for core network in Orange Poland.
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Operational efficiency and Smarter Networks are key objectives for Orange. To help reach those objectives, we must shift from a management paradigm centered on managing siloed network technologies to network operations centered and driven by the data produced by these networks.

For this demo, we will present a root cause identification pipeline of network failures enabled by Machine Learning for Orange Poland Networks. We have developed a smart pipeline that includes the processing of network logs and events, anomaly detection and visualization of outliers to faster the root cause identification – allowing us to move from using static rules, where we would always monitor the same events, to performing dynamic detection of patterns, by analyzing network event logs using machine learning.

This demo shows that automation, AI and Cloud are key enablers to reinvent network operations for increased efficiency and better integration of AI.

Enhanced operator: mixed reality for Industry 4.0

How mixed reality and 5G improve operational efficiency in industrial settings.
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The use of immersive technologies represents an important step towards achieving operational excellence in Industry 4.0. 5G promotes makes possible experiences that are even more interactive, immersive and contextualized in mobile environments, in order to adapt to specific business requirements.

Mixed reality, by allowing a physical object to interact in real time with a virtual object, serves as a diagnostic tool to help identify and correct specific issues. This makes it a key factor in optimizing production rates and managing delivery times.

This demo simulates a maintenance operator intervention on a production line. Equipped with a mixed reality headset, the operator can assess the condition of a malfunctioning machine. The associated equipment (mixed reality headset, interface, network) enables accessing a range of content and quickly understand the situation and diagnose the problem.

Virtual information (diagrams, operating mode, etc.) can be overlaid on the real machine thanks to the mixed reality headset so it can be repaired more easily. If necessary, the technician can also reach a remote expert technician via videoconference. By connecting to the camera connected to the operator’s mixed reality headset, the technician can guide him as well as send additional information to make the necessary adjustments or repairs.

Mixed reality solutions combined with 5G make it possible to visualize and manipulate machines through their digital twins in order to put in place the right corrective actions that avoid breakdowns and keep the machines up and running. In addition, the maintenance operator can access additional information to improve skills and agility.

5G and Reality 3D

A new world of Simulated Reality 3D interaction without glasses, thanks to 5G low latency and high speed.
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“The next world-changing new form of interaction”.

Orange improves 3D mixed reality experience with real interaction. This demo shows how the ultra-low latency offered by Orange's 5G network opens a door to a new world.

Two people will able to interact with the same 3D virtual object (no glasses, no wearables required) at the same time, in front of two special 3D screens. Both users will be able to “touch”, to “move” and to “send” the 3D object to the other one, with an impressive effect of volume and depth.

Interaction in real time through 3D objects between two people, in different locations, offers multiple possibilities in countless fields, in medicine, industry, entertainment, etc. This use case that enables 5G brings us closer to a future in which we will interact, learn, work and entertain ourselves in a new way.

Immersive 5G Lab

The most innovative thing about 5G is what we’ll do with it.
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Orange invites you to enjoy a unique immersive experience and discover everything that 5G is changing and will change to make our lives better.

5G has arrived, deployments are accelerating and new services are emerging to benefit companies, start-ups, local communities, universities, and all of us.

Orange is developing new 5G uses with partners and start-ups in a number of areas. In the Gaming and Entertainment space for example, you'll be able to see the match from a seat in a box or in the stands and choose the sound environment to hear the ball in 360° augmented reality. In Industry, you can use a control panel to supervise a production line (to follow energy consumption, schedule maintenance and see the production workflow). With the mixed reality headset you can connect to a remote maintenance technician via video, and with the tablet you can retrieve the customer order information in real time to optimize a new logistics route.

There are a many other experiences to enjoy in the following sectors: Health and Wellbeing, Training and Education, Smart Cities and Energy and Mobility and Transport.

Every day, new uses are invented which remind us that the most innovative thing about 5G is what we'll do with it!

Discover our demos now.

5G AR Gaming

A new augmented reality gaming experience leveraging the power of 5G for up to 6 players.
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Join forces with other players to fight the evil monsters and free the yeti! Will you support and protect your friends or fight alone without protection?

Orange has partnered with Niantic who developed this game to show the exciting potential of gaming capabilities when powered by our 5G network. This is the first Augmented Reality game that allows multiple players to play in the same place, simultaneously and enjoy an AR experience through 5G. Augmented Reality shared between players in the same place creates a unique gaming experience.

The 5G network is evolving to enable an enhanced gaming experience where more players can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The first tests carried out via 5G edge computing enabled faster connectivity, more simultaneous connections and greater energy efficiency and therefore longer battery life.

5G Boat drone

Navigate a marine drone remotely, thanks to 5G low latency and high capacity.
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Orange shows a new use case of a remote controlled vehicle not seen before with extreme low latency requirements.

An unmanned boat in Valencia Port controlled from Orange Both at MWC. In the stage we will place a real sailboat with controllers (rudder, speed) handled by a person wearing VR glasses where he can see the image captured in Valencia in a camera located in the real boat. The audience will see in a screen what is shown in the VR glasses as well as a view of the real boat sailing taken form the Port.

The visitor will be immersed in a virtual sailing system, which consists of a marine drone (unmanned boat) sailing in a real port, but remotely navigated from the Orange booth. Visitor will be sitting in a static ship located in orange booth, equipped with a VR glasses and two controls of the remote ship: direction and speed.

The marine drone is equipped with a 360 camera, located in the subjective position of the ship, which output is to send video to TV (suitable for covid restrictions) in exhibition booth and reproduced in the VR glasses of the visitor, creating the effect of immersion in the remote scenario.

The remote marine drone equipped with a 5G modem (CPE) and battery, which will be configured to send the 360 images and to receive the control command from the exhibition booth.

Orange Bank

Access to loans and savings for everyone in Côte d’Ivoire.
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Thanks to Tik Tak, a digital loans and savings solution launched in July 2020, Orange Bank Africa is democratizing access to financial services in Côte d’Ivoire.

There’s no need to go to a traditional bank or branch, as you can open an account directly from your mobile phone in a few clicks and receive validation within 24 hours.

The Tik Tak offer is accessible via the Orange Money account and users can start saving and/or apply for loans from just 5,000 CFA Francs. Once the loan is accepted, subscribers receive money immediately into their Orange Money account.

This offer is innovative in its simplicity and instantaneous as it takes less than 10 seconds for the customer to receive their money. It provides an easy user experience and is also accessible to everyone including unbanked populations, without a fixed income and regardless of where they live.

This demo will present the user journey to subscribe to the Tik Tak offer, apply for a loan from the Orange Money mobile app and set up a savings account via Orange Bank Africa.

Protecting Devices: Cyberfilter / Malware Cleaner

Cyberattacks protection via the Orange network and threats detection on all your devices.
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The devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets etc.) that we use for work, entertainment, shopping, and more are targeted by increasingly frequent cyberattacks. To protect our customers in both their professional and personal lives, Orange offers two innovative and easy-to-use services for use in the office, at home or on the go: Cyberfilter and Malware Cleaner.

Cyberfilter is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses as well as consumers and helps protect against increasingly diverse computer threats: viruses, phishing and hacking. Cyberfilter is compatible with any type of device (from computers, tablets and smartphones through to printers, scanners, cameras and connected objects) because the protection is provided by the Orange network. This means there is nothing to install or update. You are automatically alerted by Orange if you attempt to access a site deemed to be malicious. You can also access online reporting to manage your company’s or family’s fleet of mobiles and PCs and check for any issues.

The “Advanced Cyberfilter” version of this service extends the protection to browsing outside the Orange network (on public Wi-Fi networks for example) and comes complete with an antivirus option.

This demo uses a smartphone, tablet and PC to show the Cyberfilter interface and reporting tool that can be accessed via the Advanced Cyberfilter or Orange Business Lounge apps, or via a standard web browser.

NB: the Cyberfilter offer is currently available in France for pro and business mobile customers.

Malware Cleaner is aimed at professionals as well as the public. It detects, isolates and removes malware or files infected with a virus. Combining eight anti-virus programs, Malware Cleaner analyzes, identifies and then restores USB devices, computers and mobile phones.

Malware Cleaner comes in different forms (customizable kiosk or mini-kiosk, portable key or software version) to adapt to your business environment and requirements.

This demo is based on a mini-kiosk to show how an infected demo phone is connected and decontaminated.

NB: Malware Cleaner is currently available for pro customers.


Secure communications of connected devices thanks to the eSIM.
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The security of connected devices is an important concern for businesses and their customers because the level of security still tends to be very low. The security of an entire IT system can be compromised when a connected device is hacked to extract the encryption keys.

IoT SAFE (SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication) is a new standard specified by the GSMA and TCA (Trusted Connectivity Alliance) in December 2019 with active participation from Orange.

IoT SAFE is an innovative solution that uses the eSIM as a key store to hold cryptographic keys and services. It is designed to resist physical attacks. What’s more, it can be remotely controlled by the operator to provision, renew or revoke identification credentials.

To secure our customers’ connected devices, Orange is developing an entire IoT SAFE ecosystem:

SIM makers (Thales), operating systems (Kigen – An ARM Company- , Arduino), chip manufacturers (Sequans) and Cloud providers (Orange Live Objects).

Orange and Thales will demonstrate IoT SAFE on an Orange Live Booster module, equipped with a SIM card and cellular connectivity, and using a secure connection to the Orange Cloud (Orange Live Objects). For Orange, deploying IoT SAFE via the future SAM (Secure Applications for Mobile) GSMA standard will be a key success factor in the security and interoperability of tomorrow’s world.